What is HomeThink?

So you're probably wondering, what is this place? And I want to be very up-front with you: I don't know. that may seem like a weird answer, but it's the honest truth. HomeThink.org was built when my son started kindergarten, because we kept getting paper take-home practice sheets and I basically just said "I bet I can make that into a web app". I realize that's a silly reason to build something, but that's just how it happened.

While my reasons for starting HomeThink were silly, my heart for helping children to learn is... well, still silly, but also determined. The paper sheets that my son comes home with are still EXCELLENT resources, and some of them we actually prefer to do on paper. That being said, some of them actually are better on my phone, when I can sit and let my son test his reading proficiency in a restaurant or the grocery store. Better still is the chance that maybe another parent might be able to use this resource to educate and build up their own children, or other children in their lives.

You will find that Homethink is a very plain website. I am not an award-winning designer, just a guy with a computer and the ability to make silly web apps. I do think building things that are obvious and easy to understand is key, so my desire is to just put things where you expect them to be, and they might be ugly, but at least they're there. I also welcome any and all feedback, because I'm growing as a developer, educator, and dad. You can reach out via my website SamHuckaby.com or you can find me on X (formerly Twitter) @samhuckaby.

(P.S. I think you're awesome)